September 27, 2016

Start of the “Dormancy Season” at Eikendal

Autumn is here and all the grapes are fermenting in the cellar as we toast to yet another successful harvest at Eikendal with great expectations and superb quality harnessed in our bottles.

After a challenging vintage and some time out relaxing, our cellar team focused all their attention on our precious 2016 wines to make sure that they are all in good shape – this meant getting them into the maturation tanks and barrels after the malolactic fermentations and doing one last ‘health check’ before leaving our gems to do their own thing.

2014 & 15 VINTAGES All 2014 reds have been bottled with the Charisma and Merlot already released onto the market. Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 and the already lauded Classique 2014 (91 Points by Wine Magazine/ SA) will be cellared away for at least 12 more months before we share them with the world. I am very happy that we are getting into this ‘time honoured habit’ of giving our wines even more time in the bottle before release.

2015 Chardonnay has been bottled in May and WOW what a stunner this is going to be – this wine exudes extreme freshness and tightness with serious length to it…in my humble opinion the best Chardonnay I have made to date.

Pinotage 2015 has also been bottled and released. We have continued with the trend of making a fresher, perfumed style of Pinotage and here is a wine that shows up the subtlety of the variety. (25% whole bunch added to the wine and completely wild fermented. It spent 12 months in 500L old burgundy barrels).

I have also decided that due to the early vintage of 2015 I will only keep the reds in barrel for 12 months to retain as much freshness as possible and develop complexity in bottle as opposed to barrel. Gone are the days of over-concentration and heavy oaking!

Charisma and Classique have already been blended and put back to barrel for further aging. Also remember that since the 2015 vintage all our Eikendal wines are 100% wild fermented.

Currently, we are busy finishing up the Premium Sauvignon Blanc; Chardonnay (Blanc) and Rosé 2016 – these wines will be bottled in July. We have spruced up the look and feel of our Premium label to make it more contemporary, in balance and fresh with no unnecessary frippery and showing loud and proud its origin, which is Eikendal terroir. The Shiraz and Petit Verdot (Rouge) 2015 will also receive a mini facelift next year.

The Premium Sauvignon Blanc; Chardonnay (Blanc) and Rosé 2016 are very light in style; true to the early They will definitely be very drinkable, very early but with that typical freshness and purity unique to Eikendal. Also check out our new exciting blend of Rosé which is: Merlot 78%, Mouvèdre 11% and Grenache 11%.

For Janina 2016 and the Sauvignon Blanc 2016 you still have to wait a couple of months until end October. Please remember, we aim to produce a high class wine and this needs time. Fermentation of both wines was completely spontaneous and natural with no addition of artificial yeasts and it took 7-8 months to complete. During this time the wine stayed on its primary lees. 80% Was fermented in stainless steel tanks and 20% in small egg shaped tanks.



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